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The Video Series

Behind every release there is a story, and with more than 50million tracks now available on Spotify, and growing by close to 60,000 daily, having a release strategy and a plan for your music is absolutely essential in giving an artist the best chance to be seen and heard. “Release Day” sits down with Canadian musicians of all levels, and genres to discuss the efforts that go into making release day a reality.

David_Madras_Release Day_Cover_Image_YT_
MH_Release Day_YT_Cover_Image.jpg
Release Day_Cover_Image_YT_NH.jpg
Release Day_Cover_Image_Zoon_YT.jpg
Release Day_Cover_Image_LOVIET_YT.jpg
Release Day_YT_Cover_Image_FLARAK.jpg
Release Day_Cover_Image_TWINFLAMES.jpg
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